Cornerstone takes a blended approach to curriculum implementation, valuing the wisdom found in traditional classroom learning, as well as classical Christian and Charlotte Mason educational philosophies. CCA will select specific curriculum materials deemed best for implementing the mission and educational philosophy. All curriculum selected will align with Christian values.


For the 22-23 School Year, the following curricula are being used:


Mathematics: Math-U-See

Literature: multiple age appropriate book titles and literary resources

Grammar: Shurley Grammar (Kindergarten/First: Phonics Museum)

Spelling: The Grammar of Spelling (Kindergarten/First: Phonics Museum)

Science: Life by Answers in Genesis (Kindergarten/First/Second: Life for Beginners by Answers in Genesis)

History: Veritas Press History (Kindergarten/First: Bede’s History of Me/US)

Geography: Legends and Leagues (First: Beginning Geography)

Penmanship: BJUPress Handwriting (Kindergarten/First: Phonics Museum)

Music: variety of sources

Memory: variety of sources

Art: variety of sources

Latin: SongSchool Latin

Bible: Answers in Genesis

Pre-K: Memoria Press Jr. Kindergarten