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CCA seeks to partner with parents in their God honoring responsibility of training up their children in the ways of the Lord. Parents in today’s world need an alternative that respects a parent’s rights and responsibilities and supports parents in providing God honoring, solid education centered around a Biblical worldview.

CCA acknowledges the importance of a robust education to allow children the opportunity to have a well-rounded knowledge base, provide them with the ability to think critically and independently, to grow in Godly wisdom and to become lovers of the truth.

It is more than educating children in academics but molding them into disciples of Christ, who can think independently and contribute to their communities in whatever ways the Lord has planned for them.

CCA seeks to create a warm, nurturing environment where children can feel safe, loved and secure, as children learn best under these circumstances. This environment consists of not just the four walls of the classroom, but the wise, caring teachers, diversified instructional and assessment methods, predictable daily schedule, and support of our church.

CCA acknowledges that a child’s previous educational experiences, individual strengths/weaknesses, individualistic learning styles and home life are important parts of a child’s educational future.

That being said, balance is key to ensuring school does not overtake home life. At CCA, we believe that family time is a crucial part of a child’s development so homework is limited to what’s necessary. There are opportunities in the day to get a jump start on homework, and many assignments will be given days in advance to allow for busy evenings at the ballfield or piano practice!