CCA’s middle school program meets adolescents in this unique season of their lives. Not quite children, not quite adults. They are discovering who they are, and we want to help them see who they are in Christ. They need more than facts and skill development, they are forming their opinion of the world around them, and need to learn how to distinguish between truth and falsehoods.  


Continuing on the foundation of the elementary program, middle school students progress in their studies of math, language arts and the humanities from a Biblical worldview, which is more important than ever. They apply these knowledge areas to public speaking, presentation and writing opportunities throughout the year. A dedicated logic class, a variety of specials classes, and a science program with labs, provide a middle school experience with the comfort and security of a small school environment. Students will also have lockers and change classes daily to truly give them a sense of autonomy. 


Class sizes are small (with groups of 15 or less) and the curriculum engages a variety of learners. The focus is less about performance and compliance, and more about engagement and comprehension.